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Circumcision London
GP practice/centre, London

Dr Harris is an expert in performing circumcision and is available for appointments at his clinic and home visits. Dedicated to providing a unique and personalised service, he is committed to delivering exceptional standards of care for every patient.  


Dr Harris is a Consultant at the Hospital of St John & Elizabethand Honorary Consultant at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. He:

  • treats baby boys ideally aged 2-3 weeks, up to 6 months
  • does not use the Plastibell or ring
  • is also a registered Mohel for Bris Milah
  • is a specialist in haemophilia and hypospadias

has the necessary skills and experience both to perform the operation and use appropriate measures, including anaesthesia, to minimise pain and discomfort


What is a circumcision?

  • The word circumcision means removal of the foreskin and the edges heal together
  • The procedure is performed as a day case in the clinic or at home
  • Dr Harris gives a local anaesthetic cream (not injection) and also oral paracetamol by mouth
  • The sterile surgical operation is very quick usually taking a few moments
  • On rare occasions dissolvable stitches are used 
  • A follow-up appointment is arranged for the following day after the procedure - NOT Saturday

Families that choose, through tradition, to perform newborn baby boy circumcision from generation to generation continue to do so for social and cultural reasons. In Dr Harris’ experience, such families have now decided to seek a medical doctor with specialist experience in circumcision who will work with expertise, competence and personalised care.


Circumcision in babies

At initial consultation or contact, parents are encouraged to discuss all aspects of the procedure with Dr Harris, enabling them to make their decision knowing exactly what is involved.

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