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The London Sports Injury Clinic
Sports injury clinic, London

 The London Sports Injury Clinic is a “cutting edge” multi-disciplinary service that specialises in non surgical solutions for sports and orthopaedic injuries in Harley Street, London. In addition the clinic focuses on human performance and wellness.


The team also assist in the rehabilitation and monitoring of patients who have undergone surgical intervention. All treatment and rehabilitation programmes are individually tailored to suit your needs by members of our experienced specialist team working closely together to ensure ultimate peace of mind and minimum delays.


Sports & musculoskeletal medicine is a field of medicine that specialises in the prevention, diagnosis and management of sport- and exercise- related injuries, disorder, dysfunctions, and disease processes.


Dr Ralph Rogers specialises in the non-surgical management of sports injuries and painful musculoskeletal conditions by strengthening weaknesses, correcting imbalances and enhancing performance.


Sports Physicians are in a unique position to be the first point of contact for medical and musculoskeletal injures for accurate diagnosis, imaging and co-ordinated treatment plans with other clinical specialities.


Information about costs


All prices for surgical procedures for patients with medical insurance are undertaken at insurance company rates and guarantee no shortfall subject to excess, co-payment and exclusion. Guide prices only. Full quotes given if surgery indicated. For patients without medical insurance a fully inclusive package to include surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital is offered: please contact Hamish Millar 0207 563 1234 / 07879 418969 / hamish@108harleystreet.co.uk for more information. Guide package prices indicated for procedures not covered by medical insurance.       

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