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The Gilmore Groin & Hernia Clinic
General surgery clinic, London

The Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic  in Harley Street, London provides an integrated service staffed by a dedicated multi-disciplinary team specialising in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients with Gilmore’s Groin and various types of hernia. It aims to achieve this with the highest standard of professional care, and a minimum of delay in relaxing and friendly surroundings.


The Gilmore Groin and Hernia Clinic was established in 1991 by Mr Jerry Gilmore. During research for his master of Surgery Degree he developed an interest in wound healing which evolved into specific interest in soft tissue injuries and repair. In 1980 he recognised the syndrome of Groin disruption in sportsmen and undertook the first successful repair.


The technique later became known as “Gilmore’s Groin” or Sportsmans Groin (and also the misnomer sports hernia.) This pioneering work which has resulted in the successful and rapid restoration of many sporting careers, was recognised nationally by the award of Fellowship of the Institute of Sports Medicine in 1995.


In 1999 Mr Simon Marsh, a prize winning Cambridge Graduate and Consultant in Colchester, joined the clinic because of his surgical expertise and knowledge of different sports and their associated injuries. He was appointed Surgical Director of the Clinic following Jerry Gilmore’s retirement from practice in October 2010.


Information about costs


All prices for surgical procedures for patients with medical insurance are undertaken at insurance company rates and guarantee no shortfall subject to excess, co-payment and exclusion. Guide prices only. Full quotes given if surgery indicated. For patients without medical insurance a fully inclusive package to include surgeon, anaesthetist and hospital is offered: please contact Hamish Millar 0207 563 1234 / 07879 418969 / hamish@108harleystreet.co.uk for more information. Guide package prices indicated for procedures not covered by medical insurance.       

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