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Clinic BeauCare London
Cosmetic clinic, London

Clinic BeauCare is a top cosmetic surgery provider offering private cosmetic treatment in London.  Patient can choose from a broad range of cosmetic treatments including rhinoplasty, breast reduction, facelift and liposuction. With affordable prices Clinic BeauCare is a perfect, safe choice for those wishing to undergo cosmetic procedures.

Expert team

Working with a team of highly qualified cosmetic specialists, Clinic BeauCare has a decade of experience and has built up a great reputation.

Making patients dreams a reality, Clinic BeauCare use the latest materials and modern techniques to ensure that their patients get the best possible results.

Clinic BeauCare provide every patient with personalised care, ensuring each individual patient is made to feel comfortable and secure throughout their experience.

Offering fast and efficient procedures Clinic BeauCare use the latest techniques allowing patients to have their procedure and leave the clinic the same day.

Available plastic and reconstructive procedures

Clinic BeauCare work with a number of carefully selected cosmetic surgeons, Dr Sara UlensDr Stefanie Bosselaers, Dr Wim Danau and Dr Ina Vrints. They perform a variety of plastic and reconstructive procedures and always ensure a warranty against complications. Procedures available at Clinic BeauCare include:
















Buttock & thigh












Clinic advantages


  1. Specifically devoted to cosmetic surgery (no reconstructive surgery, no non-surgical procedures, no laser peeling, no bleaching etc)
  2. All surgeons all are registered with the General Medical Council and the Belgian Order of Physicians.
  3. BeauCare staff (nurses, secretaries) work solely within the fields of cosmetic surgery and have more than 10 years of experience.


  1. All patients are guaranteed a free re-intervention within 1 year in case of medical complication after a surgery.  
  2. Only use breast implants that are approved the Belgian Ministry of Public Health.


  1. All procedures undertaken at Clinic BeauCare are performed by experienced surgeon and can be performed in a one day clinic system.
  2. Perfect location, it is very accessible with lots of parking space. It’s also very close to airport and major train stations enabling patients to come from a variety of countries throughout Europe.


  1. Patients will receive an all inclusive price for their treatment with no extra charges.

 Please contact Clinic BeauCare for more information. 


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