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David Lloyd

David Lloyd
Consultant Gallstone and Hernia Surgeon

MBBS (Lond) FRCS (England) MD

David M Lloyd is a full-time Consultant Surgeon at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and Honorary Senior Lecturer at the University of Leicester Medical School. He specialises in keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery and liver surgery. He was appointed in 1994 and is currently an advisor to NICE for laparoscopic liver surgery. He qualified in 1980 from St. George’s Hospital, London and trained in London, Chertsey and Leicester. He spent 3 years in Chicago and 18 months in Hamburg, Germany where he was trained in liver transplantation and complex hepatobiliary surgery.


He now has a very extensive liver and laparoscopic practice and has been a trainer in laparoscopic surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons in London, as well as the European Institute for Endoscopic Surgery in Germany. He trains surgeons in laparoscopic surgery and continues to develop new techniques in both liver and laparoscopic surgery.

    Clinical interests

  • Professor David Lloyd has pioneered many operations including cholecystectomy and laparoscopic surgery to remove the spleen and adrenal glands. With his interest in liver cancer he has developed a microwave machine to treat patients with liver cancer. This machine is now being used all around the world in many top cancer hospitals. He coordinated an International study on the use of microwaves to treat liver cancer which also gave him world recognition.

    With more than 20 years’ experience, Professor Lloyd has one of the largest series of laparoscopic gall bladder operations, laparoscopic hernia operations and spleen and adrenal surgery. He has developed a new and innovative procedure for the treatment of groin pain in sportsmen known as the Lloyd Release Procedure (www.lloydrelease.com).

    He has now performed more than 4000 gall bladder operations without bile duct injury, 7000 laparoscopic hernia procedures, 400 laparoscopic splenectomies and over 200 adrenalectomies. He was the first surgeon in the UK to perform a laparoscopic liver operation in 1997.

    'Single-port' cholecystectomy

    In 1991, Professor Lloyd was responsible for one of the first gallbladder removal procedures (cholecystectomy) performed in the UK and has since gone on to gain an international reputation for his skill in laparoscopic (keyhole) gallbladder surgery. More recently he has pioneered an even less invasive 'single port' technique, where, in selected patients, the gallbladder is removed through a single small incision near the bellybutton, further minimising scarring and postoperative pain (video on YouTube).

    The Lloyd Release Procedure

    Groin pain is a commonly seen complaint in amateur and professional athletes, often, but not exclusively, occurring in football, rugby and hockey players. This type of pain is sometimes diagnosed as sportsman's hernia and patients may undergo hernia surgery, with highly variable results.  In fact, most athletes complaining of groin pain do not have a hernia at all, and it has become apparent that the cause of the pain in these cases is due to tension in the ligaments as a result of recurrent strain.

    Following extensive anatomical research, Professor Lloyd has developed a revolutionary new treatment for groin pain known as the Lloyd Release Procedure.  The inflamed and tense ligaments responsible for the pain are released laparoscopically and patients are encouraged to mobilise quickly, returning to light training within days and normal training within weeks.

    Professor Lloyd has treated more than 1000 male and female athletes with a very high success rate (97% of patients returning to their sport within 4 weeks).  The procedure is suitable both for those with newly diagnosed groin strain and those who have already had conventional groin surgery.

    Research interests

  • Professor David Lloyd has published extensively on a variety of topics and surgical disorders with more than 100 peer-reviewed publications, 12 book chapters and over 100 abstracts. Most of these publications relate to liver surgery and the microwave destruction of liver cancer tumours, gall bladder surgery and hernia surgery. More recently, he has published his results on the Lloyd Release Procedure. He has presented his results all around the world and numerous International meetings and often sits on the Faculty of the American Surgical Society.

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