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Brian Musgrove

Brian Musgrove
Consultant Maxillofacial & Facial Plastic Surgeon


Brian Musgrove is a Consultant Facial Surgeon in Manchester with 25 years experience in facial surgery, cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. He offers a range of private facial surgery procedures and specialises in facelifts, rhinoplasty (nose reshaping), blepharoplasty (eyelift), facial feminisation, jaw surgery and facial rejuvenation. 


Brian Musgrove has been Lead Surgeon of the Department of Maxillofacial and Facial Plastic Surgery at Manchester University Hospitals for over twenty years and now dedicates his time to Independent Practice in Manchester and London. Mr Musgrove also consults in London at 152 Harley Street.


He specialises in facial surgery and his background in both Plastic and Maxillofacial Surgery qualifies him to offer a very comprehensive range of facial surgery such as facelifts, rhinoplasty, otoplasty, browlift and the other well known facial cosmetic procedures but also treatment of the underlying bony framework of the face to include brow shape, cheek bones, and jaw surgery.


He applies these skills to reconstructive facial surgery, has a special interest in facial feminizing surgery, reconstructive face and jaw surgery and the management of tumours of the face, mouth and jaws, including salivary gland tumours.


During a career as a consultant facial plastic surgeon lasting over twenty years he has performed several thousand facial cosmetic operations including over two thousand rhinoplasties, a thousand facelifts, blepharoplasties, otoplasties, endoscopic browlifts and several hundred facial feminizing surgery operations.


New ear treatment available                     

Mr Musgrove offers the new ear treatment earFoldTM at Spire Regency Hospital. This is a new innovative treatment that consists of a small strip of nitinol metal alloy which is made into an implant and is 24-carat plated to help reduce its visibility. During every procedure, patients ears will be numbed with a local anaesthetic and then a small incision will be made. The pre-loaded disposable introducer supplied with the earFoldTM implant will be placed under the skin in the correct position. The implant will then fold into a pre-determined shape by gripping the ear cartilage. Patients will only require one or two stitches to close the incision. After the quick procedure, patients are given antibiotics as a precautionary measure and allowed to go home.


For an appointment and pricing details please call Mr Musgrove’s secretary or visit earFoldTM  for more details.


Frequently asked questions

Is earFoldTM suitable for children?

earFoldTM is suitable for both children and adults.If a child is old enough to co-operate with having a local anaesthetic injection, then the child is suitable for treatment with earFoldTM. Children as young as seven years of age have been treated without difficulty.


How much correction can be achieved with earFoldTM?

For the first time in prominent ear correction, earFoldTM provides a unique opportunity for the person to select the precise amount of correction that is desired rather than leaving it to the discretion of the surgeon.


Are there any risks?

As with all surgical procedures there is the possibility of complications such as infection or visibility of the implant. Each patient is different and has different skin, if you are concerned about any issues please feel free to discuss during your consultation.

How long does it take to insert earFoldTM?

This will depend on the number of implants needed to correct the ear prominence. However the whole procedure (making an incision, inserting earFoldTM and closing the incision) should take no longer than 15 minutes.

How quickly can I return to my normal activities?

Most patients return to work immediately after treatment although they should expect some bruising and swelling after treatment which is likely to last for a few days.


Does earFoldTM need to be removed or can it be left in permanently?

The earFoldTM implants have been designed to be completely bio-compatible and are designed to be permanently left in place. However, if a person wishes to have them removed at any time, this is a quick and easy procedure.



    Clinical interests

  • Treating patients with facial injuries and disfigurements, as well as those who are not happy with their facial appearance, Mr Musgrove offers an extensive range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. He has a particular interest and expertise in facial feminisation surgery and is recognised as a pioneer in the field, performing procedures to reshape the brow, nose and jaw, and to reduce the 'Adams Apple'.

    Research interests

  • Mr Musgrove is internationally recognised for his work in facial cosmetic surgery and, as a founding member and past President of the Assocation of Facial Plastic Surgery, he is frequently called upon to lecture and teach both in the UK and abroad. 

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